Our House

Welcome to the Our House Community Mentoring Program

The Coppin State University Our House Community Mentoring Program (OH) is an intensive mentoring program aimed at increasing student retention and graduation rates. Our House provides students with access to mentors who support their academic goals, social development, and career goals.


How Does This Program Work?

The Our House program is centered on the use of figurative “houses” named after sponsors that contain 10 freshman students (mentees) and 5-6 mentors per house working together towards a common goal. Each house contains 5 types of mentors. One faculty mentor, one staff mentor, one alumni mentor, two upperclassmen student mentors, and one mentor from the faith-based community. The 6 mentors work together to provide mentoring and support to the students in the house. The most important aspect to making these “houses” work correctly is communication and relationship building. Mentors are responsible for figuring out the best ways to manage their individual “houses”. Mentees are responsible for their active continued participation within their "houses" and the program.